March 26, 2013

  • Anyone there?


    Due to lack of interest, this project is tabled until Fall.

    I’ll be in contact with those who said they were interested when I begin again.

    —End Update—


    Okay, I was going to post the next segment of planning for my poncho KAL today.

    But then I began to wonder if it was a KAL of one.

    I know I haven’t really posted anything anyone else can do yet, other than their own planning for yarn.

    But I’m wondering if anyone is interested in this stuff.

    Do you want to know the planning stages?

    Do you just want a pattern?

    Are you interested in Knitting Along with me?


    I’ll plan and knit my poncho by myself without posting about it if no one is interested.

    So, before I go on and on about this anymore…

    Anyone there?

    Anyone interested in this?

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